NESI 2016 Concert Recordings

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...and be sure to sweep up the horse apples afterwards....Pictures are there and picture titles but the recordings are NOT all processed and linked yet!!!!

A short clip of the usual ragged, joyously uncoordinated & cacophonous processional             MP3  WAV

For each performer's recording, there is a .WAV and a .MP3 version.
Basically, WAV recordings are fairly good CD quality, but big, while MP3 recordings are smaller and lower fidelity, compressed for emails and posting for online playing.

Click on the recording type to play them, click on the image to be taken to the full size image source on Flickr

Julius Lenhart   How Great Thou Art  

David Colpitts  Homage a Edmond Perizeau
 MP3   WAV

Rich Wolf \ Two  Irish Set Dances  

Kathleen Cappon & Barbara Jablowski
Slane (Lord of All Hopefulness) MP3 WAV

Don Simons  
E Viva Espagne   MP3   WAV

Winnie the Hoofer
  Blue Mountain   Video    MP3  WAV
Janet Goldwasser & Mark Edelman
Leaving Lishmore    

Randy Stein & Judy Minot
Loure - J.S. Bach       MP3    WAV

Tom Ritter (no Picture)

A Limerick Story       MP3    WAV

Toni Field
From Here to There   MP3    WAV

Coop Accordion Players
Down on the Arkansas      MP3       WAV

The Day Ranchers
Blow the Candles Out    MP3    WAV

 Diana Presutti  Hector the Hero     
MP3    WAV

Matt Heuman
Over the Rainbow        MP3    WAV

Linda Wade
Lilli Marlene           MP3    WAV
Mark Edelman & Adlai Waksmann
Metsakukkia & The Hills of Manchuria
MP3     WAV

Don & Karen & Meredith (& Bob!)
Sunday Night Waltz 
Video  MP3    WAV

David Magliozzi   Corrente      MP3    WAV

Les Poules de Quebec 
(Cynthia Thomas & Robin Russell)
QuebecoisSet    MP3    WAV

Carol Wadlinger, Peggy Leiby & Mary Roth
Tante, Tante, Yodeledh
MP3    WAV

Lynn & Tony Hughes   
Casy At the Bat

MP3    WAV

(no picture)

Carol, Peggy, Ken & Chip   
For Jayce's Smile
MP3    WAV

Chip's first grandchild, a happy baby, who's always laughing and smiling     


Accordion Orchestra      MP3    WAV
Tra Veglia e Sonno
(Between Waking & Dreams)

....the concert closes...and the rest of the night begins...the dance, the pub sing, the jamming 'till all hours!

Notes, comments and mutterings from Stewart who likes to pretend that he's a sound engineer

Recording problems this year.
There's always problems. Meanwhile Bob Beimers, a Broadway stage foreman who's surely seen much worse disasters than this, helped me with his recorder on the the stage.  Thank YOU, Bob!
** My apologies to the following people that I missed getting a shot of (and so had to crib from last year or have no pic at all): Ken Sweeney, also, David Colpitts  for whom I have no picture at all

All audio is presented here in .WAVs sampled at 44.1kHz/16bit & .MP3 sampled at 192kbps; click on the appropriate hot link to play or download.
For those that don't know, MP3s download/play a lot faster than .WAVs, but the .WAVs (CD Quality here) are better sound fidelity & quality
As for the image thumbnails of the performers, you can get to the full-sized version (stored on Flickr) of any of them, just click on the image.

Note: if you wish your performance and/or photgraph deleted, please email

To all the performers....what you write on the SignUp Sheet is what The M.C. has for announcing your act and what I use to put together this page,
so PLEASE fill it in legibly, correctly and completely...and for group accts, please list everyone in the act!