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A mellow, just before leaving, jam on Sunday morning...

Come Jam with us
Welcome!  Come Jam with us....

Stuff to get you here, stuff to tell you what to bring, stuff to prepare you

Emergency phone numbers: Chimney Corners (for directions if lost) (413) 623-8991, NESI organizer (Stewart) (845) 797-1897

Googling the NESI website

If you've got a question you've been unable to find an answer for on the website, you can search the NESI website with Google: it's simple.

Key Stuff You Need To Know

Weekend Schedule Overview

(in printable PDF format) This is an overview of how the time is blocked out throughout the weekend.  Note that this tells you when meals are, when the workshops take place every day and like does not tell you what the individual events are.  That's where the Big Board below comes in...
Please remember that you are not required to do anything. You can just hang out. But we encourage to you take workshops, offer (and even ask for) workshops, join the dance band, come to the pub sings on Friday and/or Saturday nights, write and submit a limerick and/or haiku for the competition, perform in the Saturday evening concert, dance after the concert (or sing at the Pub Sing) and make the most of the weekend.

Jamming Etiquette

Betcha didn't know Emily Post played an accordion, huh?

Attendee Guide

(in printable PDF format) Everything about Coming & Going, What to Bring, The Saturday Night Concert, the Contra Dance and/or PubSing, Getting a ride if you need one, talking to other attendees about NESI in advance, hints & tips.

Our Venue: Camp Chimney Corners

A lovely, enormous, well-appointed facility that's a YWCA camp in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts during the summer...and for weekend in the fall is ours!  The address is 748 Hamilton Road, Becket, MA, directions here.

Chimney Corners Site Map

Checking in Late

If you arrive at an odd hour and find no one at the registration table in the dining hall, there will be a note there telling you where to find someone who can help you. If you come in late on Friday night, look for Lynn in the pub sing. If you come in really late on Friday, she might be under one of the tables there. When things totally close down, we will leave a housing list on the registration table so you can find your assigned bed and complete your registration in the morning.

Last Minute On-Site Walk-In Registration (without prior mail-in registration)

Attention: If you show-up last minute at the door without prior mail-in registration
We've done our best to make this year's NESI a wonderful experience.  Please register early; We now have a maximum upper limit (which makes for a warm and friendly crowd), and we've hit that limit before.  We wouldn't want you to be (literally) out in the cold. 

The Big Board

The Big Board (in the registration room off the dining hall) shows where, when  and what workshops are actually taking place.  Only major events like the Saturday Night Concert (and meals) are scheduled in advance.  For everything else, the weekend takes shape starting on Friday as people post workshops they will host or want.  They do that by sticking a Post-It note in an empty time slot...and presto, there's now a scheduled workshop or jam or interest session or whatever.  For more details on how this works, to see past years' Big Boards (since what happens changes from year to year, they're different every year) and to see an enlarged copy of last year's Big Board, see here.

Meals at NESI

A whole webpage on the eats at Chimney Corners....


It's a wonderful thing when, in the late hours when you're jamming or song-swapping, to grab a snack or something to drink. So we havew a late-night snack table, Friday and Saturday nights,  set up in the dining hall.  It depends on some people (not everybody!) to bring something and maybe something special.  Give it a thought.  What you might bring to share includes, but is not limited to, drinkables, hard and soft, munchables, sweet, salty, fruity or veggie...cookies, crudities (sliced carrots, peppers, celery, broccoli, etc.), pretzels, dips, chips, salsa, popcorn, all like that. It'd be a good thing to have special needs food and drink, like gluten-free. If you bring such, please label it.
We’ll have a place to store your donations in the registration room (and space in the camp's walk-in cooler for such that need it).  A volunteer will coordinate, please pitch in if asked.  And please remember to bring the infrastructure for your goodies: paper plates, cups and plastic flatware as needed.

Driving Directions

(in printable PDF format)  How to drive to NESI...includes an address and even Longitude and Latitude for your GPS. Note: Using the directions in this link will get you to Chimney Corners over paved roads. There is a short-cut back way for the last mile, using Hamilton Road off Route 20; it's unpaved, but Google Maps, Mapquest and maybe your GPS may direct you that way.  Your choice.   Short and sweet, it's 748 Hamilton Road, Becket, MA

The NESI mailing lists

Which you should sign up for so you know about late-breaking news and which you can use to ask to share a ride, request a workshop in some topice or drum up support or feedback for a possible workshop you're interested in holding.  Stuff like that. 

The Button Box

...of Sunderland MA will have a NESI shop set up in a side room off the dining hall. Stop in to check out their travelling stock of music and instruments or make an appointment for repairs after the weekend. The shop will be attended by Doug, Bob, Becky and/or Margaret.  And if you want them to bring you something, so you can actually see and try it and not pay postage, you might want to call or email them to arrange that.  NESI was the creation of the wonderful, facilitating Rich Morse who also started the Button Box

Private Sale Tables

If you want to put something up for private sale, there will be tables set up in the dining hall.
Note: Although the building will be locked when not supervised, the dining hall is a public space. You will need to decide when and whether you want to take your sale item(s) to a lockable place (your car) or not. We have had a lot of success with an honor system for more than two decades, but NESI and/or Chimney Corners can't be responsible for any loss. We hope no one will ever undermine this important feature of our players' community.

Private Sales Policy (from the Attendee Guide)

Contra Dance Musician's Info  << click for info

 Bill Quern will lead the band and Sam Rotenberg will call.  Click on their hyperlinked names to the left if you need to send them an email.

Processional March

The Processional tune/march this year is a traditional and well-known Scandinavian walking tune, the Äppelbo gånglåt.  Gånglåts were traditionally played for people walking a distance to a barn dance in Scandinavia.  Aren't all the diacritical marks for Scandahoovian language fun? 

Äppelbo gånglåt

In PDF format        In ABC format      MP3 sound file, to learn by ear (sound file from here)

Huh?  What's with a Processional anyway?  Is there a coronation at the Squeeze-In??

 Saturday night after dinner, there'll be a processional march from the dining hall to the Cabaret/Concert/Talent Show, with massed squeezers playing this tune...supplied above so you can learn it in advance. 

Limerick & Haiku Contest 

What it is, how to play and win!

Late Breaking News & Info


If you have questions after reading all of this, trying Googling the site to get your answer or email:

The NorthEast Squeeze-In is brought to by SIORGs,  its organizers, who toil mightily behind the scenes to bring you a delightful weekend that just seems to happen magically.  We pay the same as everyone else, but get the satisfaction of your smiles.