Welcome to Chimney Corners

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NESI is held at this spacious, fantastically appointed and staffed summer camp and conference center,
748 Hamilton Road, Becket, MA, in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, directions here.

Lots of big and little places to play and play around in, along with good eats, great lodging, camping and recreational facilities.  In the image above the
Dining Hall (where you register, too) is on the left and, on the right, is the Smith Art Center (where workshops, the contra dance and concert is held)

Chimney Corners Site Map

Note well  the sanctioned parking areas.

The pictures following were taken at various times/years, some in the spring (snow may still on the ground), some in the fall at a NESI

Activity, gathering, performing and jamming spaces..
First, the main buildings...

The main building, outside....and in...with a pizza lunch being served
See here for a little bit on the food


....though most of the time it's used like this late night jam here...
double-click to see the image full size

There's a big meeting room at each end (with fireplaces), at one, the Button Box shop,
with countless concertinas, recordings, instruction books, sheet music & acres of accordions


the helpful Button Box staff and maybe a jam session


at the other, the NESI headquarters (with check-in desk & the Big Board),
a never-ending jam session & the only available WiFi


Outside, out back are two covered porches flanking an enormous 35' open porch overlooking the pond


...and out front is a little stone court for a small jam...

Close by is the Smith Art Center (rec hall), where we take the annual group shot

...with a lovely wooden dance floor for the dance and stage for the concert night performances and contra band
...and yet more workshop space downstairs


Further out is a lovely big heated workshop space, the Environmental Learning Center (with deck overlooking the pond)


and a rustic pavilion with a huge fireplace they'll set crackling for us


Next to one of the lodges, there's a snug little library with fireplace and yet another covered porch........


...and so many places to chat or kick back when you're tired of playing...


Folks, we have tons of jamming and workshop space...in addition to the pavilions, workshop centers, library, etc, each floor of the four winterized lodges has a lounge, one upstains and one down.  Many have fireplaces with all the firewood, cut, split, dried & ready to burn.

The Housing

  • All housing units have shared bath facilities. 
  • The lodges have a one or more baths per bunkroom cluster, while the cabins are clustered around a common bath house.
  • The bedrooms hold two high bunk beds, we don't count or use the upper bunk (we have way more space and digs than we can use)
The digs come in three flavors: lodge, cabin and a camping field.....

   The Lodges....

Four snug heated lodges each with upstairs and downstairs lounges     

Manor Lodge Exterior       Manor Lodge Lounge

Register early to get a lodge bed; these are prime digs!

 lessgorgeouslounge    lessgorgbr

    The Cabins....

Thirty summer (unheated, no electric) cabins with single bed bunks....

Celeste Cabin

Junior Cabin Interior

Foam mattresses supplied, but bring a (battery-type only) lantern & a warm sleeping bag.  No cooking in the cabins

    Camping....on the athletic field


Folks: can't stress this enough: You Do Not Drive Onto the Field.  Park on the side road and walk your gear over.
We rut it and there'll be a big bill to smooth it out

Recreational Facilities that just don't quit

pond front

Here's the pond front in the fall, where there are canoes and kayaks for the asking

  Note that a fully extended accordion does not qualify as a Personal Flotation Device


..and a Sauna (with a skylight!) that they will fire up for us.

  • We're allowed our own drink. Alcohol isn't sold, but isn't restricted. BYO and enjoy. Clean up your "dead soldiers"
  • All building and rooms are ramp accessible for disabilities
  • There are refrigerators in each lodge, some dining hall fridge space and an ice machine there as well
  • We now have a true half-day Sunday with lunch...time for a few more classes and bit more jamming...
    but be out of your digs and packed into your car by noon

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