Contra Dance Musician's Info

 Yes, there are as many musicians as dancers.......

The Contra Dance of 2011
Bill Quern will be leading the band, Sam Rotenberg will be calling,
(Click on their hyperlinked names above if you need to send them an email)

Saturday Night Contra Dance Setlist

New since last year in red

1. Jump At The Sun [Gm]/ Coleraine [Am]
2. Korolenko's Backyard [G]/ Maison de Glace [D]
3. Kesh [G]/ Rose in the Heather [D]

Reels and Marches:
4. Crooked Stovepipe [C]/ Swing Your Partner [G/C]
5. Colored Aristocracy [G]/ Ragtime Annie [D]
6. Jamie Allen [G]/the Bear Dance [Em]
7. Phineas’s March [G]/Scotland the Brave [G]/Down the Brae [Am]
8. Real de Montreal [G/D]/ Reel St. Antoines [A]
9. Pays de Haut [D]/ Hommage a Edmond Parizeau [A]
10. Far From Home [G]/ Dancing Bear [Em]
11. Jenny Lind Polka [D/G]/ Road to Boston [D]
12. Donkey Riding [Em]/ Meeting of the Waters [A]

Jig to reel:

13. Off She Goes [D]/Fisher's Hornpipe [D]

New Sets:
14. Jigs:  Oscar Wood’s [G] / Plane Tree [Em] / Oyster Girl [G]
15. Reels:  Horse’s Brawl [G] / Reign of Love [Em]

Amelia's Waltz
La Marianne
What's Yours Is Mime

We may be doing "Alice" to music by Telemann.  Sheet music (in both the key of A, 3 sharps, and if that's problematic, the key of G) is here, and the ABC is there