The NESI Mailing List ~ sitalk

si-talk (actually sitalk without the hyphen) is for everybody to talk about the Squeeze-In matters amongst themselves: what to expect, ride-sharing requests, posting workshop requests for something you're interested in or, conversely, to get feedback on a possible workshop you're thinking of holding.  Like that. The URL (web address) for this group is:
Go to the link above & join by clicking on the blue button .  NOT the button here to the left, but the button that looks the same here!!

To keep out trolls and spammers, you will be asked to answer a few really, really basic questions about free-reed instruments (which only us free-reed maniacs will know, thus screening out the spammers). This group will be lightly moderated.

Once you join, you can go to sitalk home page at any time:
You can post messages directly as email (attachments allowed), by sending them to

You can set your subscription settings here: There you can opt to receive: all messages in individual emails, collections of messages in a digest, a daily summary, or only special notices.

You can set your profile here: There you can edit your name, add a picture, a bio, your personal website, etc.

If you have problems with that or any mailing list matter, just send a note to:

 And I ask you all: Participate in sitalk as if you were among friends. If  you're a beginner, understand that even the "dumbest" question will be respectfully heard and answered; after all, there are no dumb questions, we all were beginners once and we had a lot of help along the way. If you're advanced, listen and learn at least as much (or  more) as you speak and talk, and, of course, lend a helping hand.

How many messages you might get from these mailing list (If you're worried about whether they might seem like a wave of spam)

Most of the year there may be one or two postings a month.  In the month leading up to NESI, there may be as many as 2-5 emails a day....

If you want off of the mailing list, send an email to ; if that doesn't work or you have problems, send an email to