NESI Poster & Flyers

If you’d like to be really helpful, please print out one or more copies of the promotional material below and post it in any venue that you think might harbor a free-reeder who isn’t on our mailing list, ex:: folk club, music store, laundromat, pub, correctional institution or the like
NOW! New and improved with QR code squares for your smartphone's barcode scanning to take the cognoscenti to our webpage!!

4" x 6" photo handouts (JPG format, just like from your camera)

Download & print out at any one hour photo and pass them around!  Sam's Club will print them for 13 cents each...

8.5" x 11" letter size flyer (PDF format)

8.5" x 11" letter size flyer (PDF format) with tear-off info tabs at bottom

Print on your home printer or take to Staples for glorious color

20" x 24" poster (JPG format)

It's a BIG file for a big poster, but Sam's Club will print it for $9.