Squeeze-In Goodies

Jolly good fun, free reeds & a bottle, what?

Photo Essays of Squeeze-Ins Past

Just a sampling...click on the year or the pictures for the full collection for each year.....
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2014    ...this year, our 25th!, with some video clips!  Page down to the bottom for them.




2010  ...the last year at Bucksteep..

These pictures were taken without the express permissions of the people in them, so I ask you to use them with restraint and due respect for their privacy.
Further, I ask that:
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The Concert

Concert Recordings

Saturday night at the Squeeze!  The Concert!
Which show-cases everyone at all skill and musical interests: from a kid playing Clementine to Klezmer to a Telemann duet to self-composed rags to a Broadway show-tune from 1901 (would you believe that's where "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum" comes from?) to  "Irish Eyes are Shining" to folk songs from the 1500s to a Hurdy Gurdy to tangos to........
All it takes is a little bit of nerve......and the audience is very friendly

Concert Recordings are now in video, please see here for Concerts from 2018 on

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These recordings are presented here in WAV & highly compressed MP3 format for downloading and playing over the Internet.  CDs are no longer available.

Limericks & Haikus inflicted on the audience during the Concert

Between acts at the Saturday night Concert, these charming verse forms (submitted by you, the squeezers of NESI) are read by the M.C. 

Reviews of Squeeze-Ins Past

Old memories, old friends, old times...and a great introduction to the fun of the Squeeze-In. If you're new, you can see what the Squeeze-In is like! Email us with any questions.........

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We're always looking for some brave soul (newcomers are often best for seeing the Squeeze-In with fresh eyses) to step up and review the next one!

Squeezer's Green: Those Gone Before

The Squeeze-In Mailing List (sitalk)

NESI has a mailing list for everybody to talk about the Squeeze-In (sitalk).   Subscribe and be in the know!  That way you will be able to chat with your buddies, post tune arrangements you want to jam with and ask questions of each other.  In life after NESI in the mundane world, you can post stuff you promised other people, like that collection of tangos and plan for next year...........

Promotional Flyers and Posters for the next NESI

Print these out and hand them out or post them everywhere...spread the word.  Available in four sizes from 4"x6" photo size to 20"x24" poster

Odds & Ends....

My thanks to Neil Wayne of Free Reed for the use of many gorgeous historical images from his archive