The Squeeze-In Organizers

The Northeast Squeeze-In, NESI, was originated by Rich Morse in 1989 and thereafter hosted by the Button Box. 

After Rich's death in 2009 and at the Button Box's request, NESI's organization was taken over after NESI 2010
by a rag-tag bunch of long-time Squeeze-In participants.

2010 NESI Board Meeting
Sitting around the table on Sunday at the end of NESI 2011, Our Board (or Round Table?) meeting in a light moment.  We were then, left to right,
Since then, Solveig and Toni have moved on, while Kate Cazano, Sarah Gowan and James Prentice have stepped in to help pull the load.

I  (Stewart Dean, the president and Chief Panjandrum of NESI) am  hiding behind the camera, always a safe place to be.  Our mirth shows our giddy relief at pulling off the move to Chimney Corners, which has worked out better than our long-time old digs at Bucksteep.  The weekend was a success, we had made the nut and were set for continuing into the future.  
A round of applause; it's been a *lot* of work (mostly done by Lynn and R.D.)

A second round of applause for all the people of the Button Box and Rich Morse who did all that work down through years.  
Having taken over NESI, we can truly say we never knew all the work that went into the magic of twenty plus years.

We have incorporated as a non-profit affiliated with the Country Dance and Song Society (thanks R.D.) in a move to regularize aspects of NESI.
We should point out that organizing NESI is a labor of love: none of us gets a penny for anything but expenses and all of us pay for our registration just like every other attendee.