We always begin with a procession.  On 9/26 at 6PM, you'll able to hear it in all its glory, the wonder of the massed free reed sound of

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On September 26th at 6PM, each box (and many more) below
will link to a different concert video new this year from our talented people that you can click on & view.

For now, they show the 2014 Concert Night and only link to audio from way back then;
the real thing is coming soon!

Linda Wade 
Rainbow Connection
      MP3    WAV

Randy Stein   
'Round Midnight       MP3   WAV

Drew Kaplan & Lori Jardines
Oscar Wood's Jig         MP3    WAV
Dave Magliozzi & James Gerke
My Foolish Heart     MP3    WAV
You've Changed       MP3    WAV

 Britt Goodman & Alan Preliasco
Two Gånglåts     MP3    WAV

Jane Prentice with bells on (the floor)
Joy de Quebec   MP3    WAV

Phineas Kimball
Donkey Riding          MP3    WAV
510 Reeds vs. 4 Strings - Jody Kruskal, Chip Hodges, Adlai Waksman, David Barnert
 Spootiskerry & Kitchen Girl 
   MP3    WAV

Mike Knudsen
Rag    MP3    WAV

Lynn & Tony Hughes **   MP3    WAV
Remember Me By the Good Times

Jody Kruskal **     
Arnold the Armadillo
   MP3    WAV

Ken Sweeney When the Moon Hangs High
  VMP3    WAV

Julius Lenhart  Old Rugged Cross
MP3    WAV

Stewart Dean & Adlai Waksman  MP3    WAV
Judi's Jubilation & Bloomsbury Market

Richie Wolff    Youghal Harbor & Loch Noss
MP3    WAV

Joe Mahon & Jim Norman Ji MP3    WAV
Do You Have Any News of the Iceberg?
Judy Hunt    Misirlou
MP3    WAV

Bob Alexander & Ed Marris
Araber Tanz & Nicriz Longa
      MP3    WAV

Mark Vidor   Mazurka à Clement
MP3    WAV

NESI Spelmanslag  Polska Loshut          MP3    WAV

This could be you next year!

Kevin O'Brien, Albert Joy & Ruthanne Ankney- Peep, Squirrel          MP3    WAV

Marge Nichols & Jim Norman  MP3   WAV
The Inky Dinky Spider Rises Again     

Greg Jowaisas & Don Smith
The World is One Big River
     MP3      WAV