!!  The 2020 NESI is hosting online Zoom workshops and sessions !!

These are interactive; those who signed up in advance can participate and interact with the host and participants

At preceding NESIs, we had a Big Board, where everyone could post their offerings and requests for workshops and sessions. 
We'd stick up Post-It notes in the time slots and venues.  Here's how that went.

But now we're online, so...

This year the Big Board is a
Google spreadsheet with all the interactive workshops and sessions
you can "attend".
Click on the link above to see what's available for sign up.

You need to contact the leader listed in the spreadsheet to sign up & get the password
!! Do it BEFORE HAND !!
As with all Zoom meetings, the number of people that can attend is limited
and attendance is best arranged in advance, rather than at the last minute.

Need help understanding how to attend and use Zoom?
Go here

Want the Definitive Guide to all the goings on?
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