A word about NESI 2020 (9/25 - 27)

The Squeeze-In organizers are talking about this year's event in the context of the pandemic and its long-term effects. Obviously, we have no idea right now whether it can happen as planned.  We will post information here when we have something more substantive to say. In the meantime, we hope you are all well, finding ways to enjoy your music, and perhaps sharing it with others from a safe social distance.

See here for all NESI 2019 pictures and videos...

The Squeeze-In is a non-profit laid-back weekend gathering of players and their partners. No one is paid; we're just in it for the legendary fun: we play...and dance...and jam...and have a blowout Saturday night.  We welcome beginners and the talented advanced alike.  The North-East Squeeze-In happens every fall at Camp Chimney Corners (748 Hamilton Road, Becket, MA, directions here) in the Berkshires.  Meet friends old and new in a comfortable, low-key setting with many places for workshops and spontaneous squeezings.  Hobnob with (other!) free-reed aficionados and behold an assortment of squeezeboxes and their paraphernalia for sale, swap & hagglement. Join us! 

A few selected videos of the madcap fun at the Squeeze-In

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