Northeast Squeeze-In
photo by Stewart Dean,, ©2022, all rights reserved

September 29 - October 1, 2023
Registration is now OPEN

The NorthEast Squeeze-In is a gathering of free-reed players. It’s not a music festival. It’s not a formal instructional weekend, though there are lots of workshops you can choose to attend. There are no paid performers or teachers. It’s a relaxing retreat from daily life -- an opportunity to learn new tunes, improve your skills, and share what you know. We’re delighted to include beginners who are just getting started. All are welcome, even with other instruments -- they round out the sound. It’s just a lot of fun, run entirely by volunteers, and organized as a not-for-profit event by and for musicians like you. 

2023 Location: Wisdom House Conference and Retreat Center in Litchfield, CT. Wisdom House has lots of beautiful indoor spaces for workshops and jamming, very comfortable bedrooms, and excellent food.
COVID-19 Policy for the 2023 NorthEast Squeeze-In
Approved by the NESI Board on May 15, 2023

This policy may be revised if the incidence of COVID-19 changes, if the CDC revises its recommendations, or if the state of Connecticut changes its COVID policy and requirements. If this policy or any future policy makes it impossible or unwise for you to attend the 2023 Squeeze-In, your registration fee will be fully refunded if a refund is requested within 5 days of the publication of this or any revised policy published in the future.

The changes to our previous policy are based on the assumption that we are a community that can be counted on to take care of its members. We know there is a range of views in our group about what constitutes reasonable and data-driven choices when it comes to vaccination and masking. We are aware that the severity of COVID has become less for many people who are infected, especially those who are fully vaccinated, and that hospitalizations are down. We also know that there are still people who suffer long-term effects and some who have died from it.

At the Board of Directors meeting on May 15, 2023, the following policy was approved:

1) We strongly recommend (but do not require) that all attendees be vaccinated and have all of the boosters for which they are eligible.
2) We strongly recommend that all attendees have a rapid or PCR test for COVID before arriving at the event site, especially if you have not been vaccinated and/or have been a recent participant in a group gathering at which you might have been exposed to COVID.
3) We strongly recommend masking whenever possible by anyone who is at higher risk for infection and/or may be in close contact with friends or family members who are immunocompromised.
4) We ask that you have an effective mask on hand throughout the weekend. One will be provided in your registration packet. If a workshop leader asks participants to mask, please comply or find a different workshop to join.
5) We ask that you respect and support other participants’ choices when it comes to masking and vaccinations.
6) Most important, we want you to stay home or leave the event if you are sick or showing symptoms of COVID. We will arrange for a refund on request if you cannot attend or need to leave early. We want to see you and everyone else at the Squeeze-In again next year.

 We invite you to stay connected through our mailing list and discussion group.


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