The Northeast Squeeze-In Organizers

The Northeast Squeeze-In, NESI, was originated by Rich Morse in 1989 and thereafter hosted by the Button Box.  After Rich's death in 2009 and at the Button Box's request, NESI's organization was taken over after NESI 2010 by a dedicated group of long-time Squeeze-In participants.

Bob Beimers Gus Hollingsworth
Bob Beimers
Board President, gadfly,
on-site facilitator/stagehand
Gus Hollingsworth
Board Vice President,
Protector of the Sports Coat, Institutional Memory

Lynn Hughes Kate Casano
Lynn Hughes
Event Registrar, Board Secretary,
Concert Emcee
Kate Casano
Treasurer, Remote Meeting Facilitator
Jim Prentice Sarah Gowan
Jim Prentice
Liaison officer and site coordinator,
aka maintenance and janitor.
Sarah Gowan 
Web Manager, Music Repository,
& Keeper of the Big Board
Aaron Bittel Mary Roth
Aaron Bittel
Concert Recording and Other Duties as assigned
Mary Roth 
 Extra pair of willing hands