NESI 2019 Registration

Fee includes all activities all this carefully...then if you still have questions, drop a line to: 

To see what Lodges and Cabins look like, go here

In response to squeezer suggestion, we have two special packages:

Group cabins:   For those of you who would like to save money on accommodation but do not want to camp, we have the group cabin option .  This is for 3 or more people (related or not) and includes all meals. The base rate in the “early bird” discount period (up to July 10th) is $525 for 3 people. Additional people (to a total of no more than 8) each add $145 to the cost. After the discount period, the base rate is $550 for the first 3; for additional people (up to a total of 8), add $155 per person above 3. The more of you there are, the cheaper it becomes. You must organize the group, however, and send all of the registration forms together with full payment.  Separate checks from multiple participants are okay, but they must all come in at the same time.


Day-tripper Full Event Pass (3-day admission with 6 meals or with no meals):   If you are interested in coming for all or part of the weekend but don’t want to stay on site, this is for you. You can get it with or without meals.  ​Please note that there is no Saturday-only pass without meals. If you think you want to come only for Saturday and provide your own food, register for the 3-day ​no-meals ​ pass. We hope you will decide to come on Friday night, too, or return on Sunday for more jamming and workshops. It will be easy to do because you will be signed up for the full event. There is a Saturday-only with meals option​ as well as a 3-day event pass with meals.​

Registration Paperwork

(sorry, we don't do online registration or take credit card payment)

To register for the event, complete the two forms below.

First, our registration form, which is a fillable form in PDF format

Click here for our registration form

We greatly prefer that you download and complete/fill in our registration form on your computer before printing and mailing it in. You will need Adobe Reader (it’s free) to do that. If you can't fill it out on your computer, print it first & complete it by hand as legibly as possible.

In order to read, fill in and printout PDF format files, you need Adobe Reader; you can download Adobe Reader for free here

Second, the Liability waiver, also in PDF format and required by Chimney Corners, our host

 Click here for Chimney Corner's health/liability form

Please print out and complete this form by hand, don't try to fill it in from within Adobe Acrobat
The camp requires this
Chimney Corner's health/liability form of every participant; we cannot complete your registration without it. 

All you need to fill in on the Chimney Corners liability form is your NAME, an EMERGENCY contact person, and your SIGNATURE at the bottom. They don't need insurance information or anything else. It would help us if you note it on the form if your emergency person is at Chimney Corners with you.

Finally, mail these 3 necessary items:

1) Registration Form
2) CC Health/Liability Form
3) your check or money order, payable to NESI


Lynn Hughes/NESI
1000 Black Birch Lane
Quakertown, PA 18951

Discount submission deadline is July 10th, August 30th for last registrations before the event!!

Note that we limit how many people attend to keep NESI friendly...if we reach that limit, we'll close registration early, before 8/30!

After you've registered, you should read the Attendee Information (click here)

For still more information and questions about accommodations, the event itself, and other useful topics, 

PLEASE,  first check these links

A NESI FAQ  --  Our Chimney Corners venue  --   Directions to CC

You can also ask questions of others that are coming to the Squeeze-In, through the si-talk newsgroup

Still puzzled? Email us at:

If you’d like to be really helpful, please print out one or more copies of our NESI promotional material below and post in any venue that you think might harbor a free-reeder who isn’t on our mailing list, ex:: folk club, music store, laundromat, pub, correctional institution or the like...

The NESI Flyer, Posters and other promotional goodies