NESI Meals: Good Eats at Chimney Corners


Meals are a prime time for making new friends, getting together with old ones and de-compressing from all the music

Typical Breakfast

Cold cereal bar on the left comes out early with granola, youghurt, fruit and such, followed by a hot breakfast of pancakes, saugsage, hash browns and the like.

Saturday Dinner 2018 was a bit plush, we sprang for an upgrade
This is after everyone descended on it and people are coming back for seconds.  The menu was scrumptious, based around New York Strip steak, medium rare, and salmon, noodles for gravy with the steak, carrots and sweet potatoes.  And, of course, the salad bar.  And cookies and brownies for dessert.  Yum

The Chimney Corners kitchen staff provide delicious and plentiful food for NESI. In addition to the main meal offering, there an excellent and extensive fresh salad bar available at lunch and dinner. 

This is the menu from NESI 2018. (Although the specific foods are likely to vary from year to year, it is a representative list.)

          FR DN; Grilled Steak/ Baked Potatoes/ Fresh Green Beans/ Salad Bar/ Rolls/ Butter/ Vegetarian White Bean & Spinach/ Brownies

SAT BK; Scrambled Eggs/ Portuguese Muffins/ Home fries/ Sausage/ Breakfast Bar/ Oatmeal/ Orange juice/ Butter/ Jelly/ Ketchup/ Hot Sauce

SAT LN; A Variety of Fresh Baked Pizzas/ Vegetable Soup/ Crackers/ Salad Bar/ Fresh Fruits

SAT DN; See above

SUN BK; Pancakes/ Bacon/ Hard Boiled Eggs/ Syrup/ Butter/ B Bar/ Fresh Fruits/ Oatmeal/ Juice

 SUN LN; Bread & Rolls/ Sliced Turkey/ Salami/ Ham/ Cheeses/ Egg Salad/ Lettuce & Tomato/ Humus/ Chips/ Mayo/ Mustard/ Salad Bar/ Fresh Fruits