We have two mailing lists for the NorthEast Squeeze-In

The contact list is an announcement-only email list. After you sign up for it, you will receive updates and announcements from the organizers  Announcements are limited to information about upcoming NESI events. You will be added automatically to the contact list if you register for the weekend, but you can join it at any time.

To be added to the Northeast Squeeze-in Contact List send an email to:

The sitalk Mailing List is a discussion group about the Squeeze-In and related topics: what to expect, ride-sharing requests, workshop requests for something you're interested in or, conversely, to get feedback on a possible workshop you're thinking of holding. Some workshop leaders use this list to distribute sheet music to would-be participants before the weekend.

To join go to

To keep out trolls and spammers, you will be asked to answer a few really, really basic questions about free-reed instruments (which only us free-reed enthusiasts will know). This group is lightly moderated.

Once you join, you can go to sitalk home page at any time:

You can post messages directly as email (attachments allowed), by sending them to

You can set your subscription settings here:
There you can opt to receive: all messages in individual emails, collections of messages in a digest, a daily summary, or only special notices.

You can set your profile here: There you can edit your name, add a picture, a bio, your personal website, etc.

We ask that you participate in sitalk as if you were among friends. If you're a beginner, understand that even the "dumbest" question will be respectfully heard and answered; after all, there are no dumb questions, we all were beginners once and we had a lot of help along the way. If you're advanced, listen and learn at least as much (or more) as you speak and talk, and, of course, lend a helping hand.

How many messages you might get from these mailing list (If you're worried about whether they might seem like a wave of spam)

Most of the year there may be one or two postings a month.  In the month leading up to NESI, there may be as many as 2-5 emails a day....

If you want off of the mailing list, send an email to .